Terms & Conditions

For instructors the key points are:

  1. The course needs to be available permanently and cannot be removed, as the students have paid to have access to it for as long as the site exists.
  2. The instructor needs to get the content approved by Fraktalz’s course creation team.
  3. Fraktalz charges a flat service fee of 20% of the course price. In addition, a payment gateway processing and transfer fees will be applicable and deducted in each case.
  4. Free courses don’t have a service fee nor processing and transfer fees.
  5. Each lesson needs to be short and designed for teenager’s attention span, using adequate and non-aggressive language
  6. The video and sound quality need to be of high standard and are subject to approval by Fraktalz’s course creation team.
  7. Fraktalz reserves the right to reject any instructor and/or content partially or fully, based on our own criteria and without providing further explanation.
  8. Payments to instructors are made on a monthly basis via bank transfer if and only if a minimum of 100 dollars have been accumulated for all the instructor’s courses. In the event that the instructor’s course/s have not reached this minimum, the new verification will be made in one month.
  9. Course content cannot have any inadequate pictures, graphical content or language.
  10. Instructors will need to recommend the age range for the course and Fraktalz course creation team will further assess these criteria.

For students the key points are:

  1. Course access credentials cannot be shared with other persons
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